Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today with Commentary

Today I
Saw an ex-boyfriend
(what was I thinking?)
Ate three "lite" Yoplait yogurts
(that probably equals one normal one)
Parked illegally and didn't get a ticket
Thought I slept for an hour but it had only been 15 minutes
(love when that happens)
Wore wuggs to school
(wuggs are wannabe Uggs from Costco that are 37 bucks)
Started that paper I've been dreading
(1 page down 9 to go)

Saw a picture of my 14 year old self
(I wouldn't go back)


  1. I love your blog Sara! So cute - keep blogging =) PS Costco Uggs are amazing and parking illegally on campus is too.

  2. Sara Jayne! Are you really almost done swimming??!! I cannot believe this! I still think of you as that cute little freshman! Time flies! I can't wait to see how you do at conference! You'll do amazing, of course! I wish I could be there to see you girls swim one last time! Miss you girly! Enjoy it!!