Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Just watched Toy Story 3.
I've been hearing about how good/sad it is.
Didn't think I'd cry, but I did.
Ty doesn't know I cried even though he was sitting right next to me because I composed myself quickly.
I was embarrassed.
He wasn't as touched by it as I was.
Anyway, Toy Story 3 stands for a great cause-- the promotion of old toy awareness.
It made me think about my own toys.
Where are they now?
Did I treat them with the respect they deserved?
They were probably thrown away, melted, and turned into sippy cups or are sitting at the bottom of some nasty day care center toy bin.
How sad for them.
We should all take the time to think about our toys and do all we can to make sure they are in a safe and loving environment.

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  1. SJ i watched this last night! Did the same thing as you! Brady has no idea.