Tuesday, November 23, 2010


If you haven't yet heard....there is a ginormous blizzard heading this way!!!!
All of BYU campus was completely closed down!
People are raiding the grocery stores for wood and food storage!
Sever weather warnings have been issued for numerous counties across the state!
So...where's the snow?
The anticipation is killing me!!!
I just can't wait any longer for this crazy storm everyone keeps talking about!
Right now it's actually quite nice outside, if you have a jacket on.
Snow or no snow, I am excited to stay in tonight, watch a movie, and not worry about homework or doing anything productive.
Ty and I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving break for quite some time now, and boy am I glad it's finally here.
Happy blizzarding/Thanksgiving break!!!


  1. Well, I certainly enjoyed, more like experienced, the blizzard for you as we journeyed back to slc. BUT, happy Thanksgiving to you and TY. Sure love you.

  2. jeremy and i stood in line for 45 minutes outside of old navy just for kicks and giggles. after 5 minutes of shopping and 1.5 hours (about the time the giggles ended) standing in line to check out we've decided that our bods wont make it through another black friday. ever. what a buncha crazies, right?!