Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well here I am, back in the big city! Being at work again has been great, and Ty and I had an excellent weekend together because his hours weren't too bad. He did have to go in for a few hours on Saturday, so while he was at work I went and got a pedicure at this cute little place on 6th and 38th. The girl who did my toes did an amazing job...so methodical and spent such a long time clipping, filing, and polishing. Felt oh so good! The only problem was that my heels were so dry and cracked that when she filed them down they started bleeding. Embarrassing! I have always had this problem. Sorry if this is TMI about my feet. You are free to stop reading if you don't like the image of bleeding feet in your mind... don't worry I won't post pix. When I got home Ty and I had the brilliant idea to put super glue in the cracks to help seal them off (yes, glue on my foot). When we realized the lid to the bottle was broken, we then had our next brilliant idea of taking it off and pouring the runny liquid onto my foot straight from the open mouth of the bottle. This obviously was a disaster. The "super-quick-dry" formula ended up all over both of our hands, the bathroom floor, and numerous other places that should not have super glue on them. Three of my fingers were stuck together for 10 minutes, and the label that was once on the front of the glue bottle was tattoed onto my index finger. The bottle was glued to the top of the toilet. Last time we try that.

Change topic now.

I have never been much of a reader. I always loved the idea of reading, but I just never found a book that I could really get into. Couldn't do Harry Potter, only read the first of the Twilight saga, they just didn't do it for me. Maybe I am just impatient and can't sit still long enough to get into a book, or maybe I am lazy and would rather entertain my mind in other more-veg-out kind of ways. For the most part, I have stuck more to reading for school and less for leisure purposes. My mother-in-law recommended I read a book called The Firm by John Grisham. Have you read it? I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed every page and I could not put it down! All of the similarites between the couple in the book and Ty and I made it both relatable and kind of creepy. I would highly recommend it. It was the perfect mixture of mystery, romance, and action. It inspired me to pick up reading as a more regular hobby, so I have now started the book called The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. So far I have enjoyed it as well. Maybe this is the birth of a full-fledged book worm! Maybe not but I'm doing pretty good, right?


  1. Haha your stories crack me up! Miss you!

  2. I have read everything Grisham has written and most of them have been great! I actually started The girl With the Dragon Tattoo today before I got your blog, so I am not really into it yet - kept falling asleep! So I took a nap.

    A bit of good news, which you have probably already discovered, the oil in your skin helps release super glue after a few hours. What a funny story !

  3. I have read everything Grisham has written, and most of them have been excellent. My favorite was The Firm. Today i started the dragon tottoo book, but got so sleepy i gave up and took a nap.

    Funny story about the super glue. I'm sure you have discovered the oil in your skin helps release it. What an awful feeling!

  4. When you get home, we got your mom this really good series of book and you should borrow it from her, I think you would really love it. I also loved the book The Firm.