Monday, April 16, 2012

Sick Visit

That would be sad if your family came to visit and then you got strep throat and couldn't hang out with them.

Oh wait...that really happened to me this past weekend.

It's true. My sister and her husband Logan have been planning this trip for months and I've been so excited to have them come stay with us!

But then I had to go blow it by getting strep.

I didn't even know adults could get strep throat. Isn't like a little kids sickness?

At first, we had fun eating brunch and getting pizza and shopping around...but the fun was short lived for me.

It was Logan's first time ever in NYC and he was as blissful as a 10 year old strep throat-less kid.


They had fun visiting Times Square (without me)

And eating delicious Levain cookies (without me)



It was just fun to have them here and I'm happy they came and had a good time.

Maybe next time they come I'll mix it up and get chicken pox.

Could be fun.

PS--Thanks for all the love after our announcement!

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