Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home So Far...

Mom picked up her sweet new ride
Only had 7 miles on it so I thought that was cool
Found a pic of me as a baby and LOLed at it
Alli and Tanner eating suckers from Brick Oven
I finally met baby Carter...he looks like my dad
Saw some puppies for sale and really wanted to buy one
20 week baby bump=awkward stage
Cafe Rio delight
Met up with my friends Brooke and Liz
Our newest and tiniest niece, Katherine
Alli and I at her preschool performance
Alli's class
Mimi and the kids


  1. Love your baby bump! You look awesome :)

  2. ha, of course you got cafe rio!
    and your baby bump is adorable!!! you need to post more pictures!!