Friday, December 10, 2010

Naughty or Nice

So don't get me wrong...I LOVE the Christmas season and everything about it.
I just really haven't had the time or felt the urgency to decorate our little apartment all Christmasy especially because we aren't going to BE here for Christmas.
Is that Scrooge of me?
The only decoration we have is a 12 inch tall "Christmas Tree" that I got it from my freshman roommate's mom.
I think I will try to get into the Christmas spirit by writing a list of Naughty and Nice things I did this year.

Naughty things I did this year:
Left dirty dishes in the sink for over a weeks and they mold grew. oops.
Punched Ty in the groin.
Asked a lady when her baby was due...turns out she wasn't pregnant.
Faked sick.
Made Ty watch "The Devil Wears Prada." Twice.
Spent too much money at Lululemon and hoped Ty wouldn't find out but he did and I'm sure Santa did too.
Lost a bet and never payed up.
Fought with an old man in the grocery store over one of those sticks you use to separate your groceries at checkout.
Squeezed from the top of the toothpaste tube when Ty repeatedly asks me to squeeze from the bottom.

Nice things I did this year:
Made homemade pancakes for my family.
Gave some old clothes to the D.I.
Raked leaves for my Grandma.
Pretended to have fun when Ty wanted to watch 3 football games in a row one Saturday.
Ate a gross meal just to be nice.
Stopped to let some ducks cross a busy road and honked so other people would stop too.
Slept with the window open when it was 10 degrees outside because Ty likes it cool when he sleeps. I am the best wife ever.
Visited someone in the hospital.

I'd say I have a pretty good chance of getting what I want for Christmas.


  1. Haha hilarious. BTW I read your blog post about those Lululemon astro pants you said you love and I asked for them for Christmas because I don't have anything like that :).

    Merry Christmas!

  2. your naughty also cause we dont see you enough...

  3. I want to hear more about your fight with the old man.

  4. I hope that the gross meal wasn't at our house lol!