Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Miracle

Jk there was no miracle.
But lets be honest... December 26th is by far the most depressing day of the year.
I already miss Christmas and want to fast forward 365 days from now so we can have it again.
It was a Christmas of lasts for us.
The last Christmas for us living in Utah until who knows how long.
Last Christmas as college students.
Last Christmas with my 'lil bro before he leaves for two years.
It was a good one.
On Christmas Eve, after the annual Christiansen party (which is complete with funeral potatoes, green Jell-o, and a live nativity) we headed home and spent the evening eating, laughing, playing, and watching that dumb movie "A Christmas Story" that nobody really likes but we have to because it's tradition.
After my niece and nephew went to bed we acted as Santa and put together all of their presents and placed them under the tree.
This was a fascinating experience, seeing as how it is the first time I've played Santa.
We spent almost 2 hours putting together this doll house for Alli, my niece.
Don't even worry it includes an elevator, patio furniture, and a toilet (her fav part).

I couldn't sleep at all on Christmas eve because I was so excited.
I wonder if I'll ever grow out of that.
Prob not.
Ty got me this....

I am so excited to take pictures with something other than my phone!

I was sad to leave home this morning to drive to San Diego for a week of training. Right now I'm blogging from my phone in a van somewhere outside Beaver, Utah.
Thought so.
Hope Santa came to your house this year too!!!


  1. You'll love your camera!! PS--tell Tyler everyone is asking about you guys at the office. I'll keep reading your blog to keep everyone informed of all your adventures!

  2. It was an awesome Christmas, I was really sad when I took our Christmas tree down, Alli and Tanner were both sad as well. Hope you guys are doing well. We will see you for sure on the 22nd of Jan.