Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nie nie

Have you ever heard someone speak and then just wanted to be their best friend/BE them/save the world?
That just happened.
Of course you've heard of Stephanie Nielson.
a.k.a Nie Nie....as in this blog.
Well she is in my stake and I just heard her speak at an R.S. activity.
The first time I heard her story was when she was on Oprah.
That is how I was introduced to her blog which I occasionally read.
She first caught my attention because she is from Provo and is mo.
So much in common.
I almost didn't go to the activity tonight because after a long day of swimming, school, swimming, homework all I want to do is go to bed.
Yes at 7pm.
Boy am I glad I decided to be active this week!!!
Her message is inspirational, to say the least.
Not to mention she has amazing style...she was wearing these glorious anthro boots which I've had my eye on.
Watch this and you'll get a glimpse into her amazing life.
She has a uniquely spiritual and positive outlook on life and her role as a woman.
Perhaps one can only achieve such perspective after going through a life-altering and traumatic event like the one she has experienced.
Or perhaps we can all gain from what she now knows and is willing to share.
Thx nie nie, you go girl!!!

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