Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FUN in Raleigh

So here is an update of what we have been up to in North Carolina!

We went to this amazing beach house last week in Topsail Beach, NC. The house where we stayed was adorable...looks like it came right out of Pottery Barn.

Ty had fun skim boarding.

Us hangin in our whiteness.

The pantalones I made! Go me! Don't know how to turn the pic around unfortunately.

This it Ty's group of friends from high school. We met up with them for dinner last night. It was great catching up and reminiscing on old times.

Only 4 more days until New York! We have had so much fun in Raleigh, but can't wait to get to the city. I feel like we are homeless right now.


  1. I didnt realize you were going to nYC so soon. yall should come to the wedding saturday night at the house. please come! glad yall were in NC. Andrew was just about to call yall to hang out Thursday night with 2 other couples. r u here? we will still call just in case. ha!

  2. Wish I was there. I love the pajamas!

  3. SJ good luck out there! We're all wondering how you're doing at the pool ;) haha