Sunday, October 21, 2012

Month One

A MONTH?!?!?!
I have a one month old???
How did this happen?
My tiny little newborn is...well...still a little newborn just not quite as tiny.
She now weighs 10 lbs 7 oz up from 7 lbs 15 oz when she was born.
She basically gained 30% of her body weight in 4 weeks which would be like me gaining more than 40 lbs...crazy.
I would consider her a "good" baby.
People always ask me that...apparently babies are either "good" or "not good."
Anyway, she sleeps a lot, eats a lot, poops a lot, cries sometimes, screams sometimes, and is really really fun to just sit and look at.
Even though she is still too young to focus on my face or even crack a real smile, she does some pretty cute things. I love it when I'm nursing her and she crosses her legs like a little lady. I also love how when she wakes up she stretches out as long as she can. I'm always surprised with how long she is because she is usually curled up in a little ball in the froggy position. I also love how she grunts and snores when she's in a deep sleep. And how her fists do this shaky thing when she gets restless.
The difficult thing about this stage she is in is that she always has to be held. I can only put her down when she's in a deep deep sleep. She can only fall asleep if I am holding her on my chest and rocking her. Emphasis on the "I" part... She won't even let her dad put her down. I have a moby wrap which has been heavenly because I can at least have both of my hands free and walk around during the day to get stuff done. Even though her attachment issues are hard and I sometimes feel like I have a tumor, I am doing my best to enjoy it because I know it will end soon and she'll probably want nothing to do with me : )
We love our sweet Caroline.
P.S. I never posted about my birth story partly because I feel weird about having it out there on the www and partly because I don't want to scare any childless readers out of giving birth : ) If anyone reading this is extremely bored and is interested in hearing it I will gladly email you a copy of a version I have written for my personal records.


  1. She is so so so so so so cute! She and Jane sound like twins as far as personalities and such. Must be a Warner thing :)

    I really do want to know your birth story! Email it to me!

  2. She's darling! I would love to hear your birth story if you don't mind!

    -Adriana Jaussi

  3. I wanna hear your birth story!
    She is gorgeous!! So happy for you

  4. Umm DUH! I want to hear your birth story. NOW! ;) Haha maybe it'll scare me INTO having kids!!!

  5. I hear our stories are similar .. Lets compare :) haha.