Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice What???

I don't care what they is NOT the shortest day of the year!!!!
This week honestly feels like the longest of my LIFE.

I'll be honest, Christmastime in the City IS all it's cracked up to be (see above pics)
We are more than ready for a nice little break. 
A word to the wise: KIDS...stay in school.
You will miss it one day when you don't get a nice two-week long Christmas break and have to work on Christmas eve and only get to go home for 3 days.

Anyway...I hope your week before Christmas is extremely merry!

Note: the last collage is from a recent dinner outing to a new fav called Mexicana Mama. Loved the food and la-la-loved the decor. Where can I get one of those chihuahua candle holders?


  1. shoes! it would be fun to see NYC in Christmas-mode. I'm sad we won't c u and Ty this year :( P.S. I love your glasses- I just got some new ones too! LYLAS

  2. um, i need to go to NY for christmas! these images are incredible!!!